Faridabad  IMT is under  development on the pattern of IMT Manesar (i.e. global market for industrial hub). It will have integrated sites for Industrial, Commercial & Institutional areas along with adjoining residential area for operational convenience & promoting walk-to-work culture. This industrial township will be developed in sectors 66,67,68,68,70 &71. Presently sector 68 & Sector 69 are operational & many industries started operations in these sectors.

The project envisages the establishment of mainly pollution free industries based on advanced technologies. The spectrum of industries which are expected to come up in the proposed IMT Faridabad, would comprise of following type:

♦ General manufacturing Industry
♦ Electronics and electricals
♦ Medical equipment
♦ Sports goods
♦ CNC machines
♦ Health care items
♦ Auxiliary Industries.

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